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I got my tagline from a family friend who was trying to justify my actions. She basically said that In Ashley’s World, it is simply okay. It is okay to wear giant bows in my hair. It is okay to persuade someone play a game or participate in a group activity. It is okay to never follow a cooking recipe and use it more as a “rough” guideline. It is okay to tweet authors about their novels. It is okay to have more in common with an eight year old. It is okay to demand a “no- phone zone” when you are with friends. It is okay to use body lotion infused with glitter. It is okay to paint my nails on Wednesdays AND on Sundays. It is okay to be me.

InAshleysWorld has become a way for me to identity with who I am. To remind myself, I do not have to fit into the molds and stereotypes of society- I can be me. With this blog, I am not going to tell you what you should buy, or how you can look like me. I am not going to teach you how to do something or what you should do to better your life. I am not going to pretend that I know everything.

What I will do, is let you into my world and show what makes me ME. I am going to rant and rave about the things that come up in my daily life. I am going to share the visual creations that come out of my kitchen. I am going to talk about the books and the stories that I have taken an imaginary journey with. I am going to be me.

Read. Like. Follow. or don’t, the choice is yours.

I am Ashley and this is InAshleysWorld.

Theirs To Protect 

Title: Theirs to Protect
Author: Melissa Klein
Genre: Erotic romance/ménage/holiday
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Editor: Melanie Billings
College student Claire Matthews has panty-melting fantasies about her roommates but can’t imagine choosing just one. But when her rapist is release from prison, she knows it’s time to disappear—again. First, she needs a memory of the delicious duo to take with her. Firefighter Sean Dalton is mind-blown when Claire suggests a threesome. Watching her kiss his friend under the mistletoe is a turn-on. Being asked to share is like gasoline on the spark of desire. He’s shared a woman before, but he’s been crushing on his sweet and sexy roomie since she moved in. He’s not about to say no. Chicago police officer Max Devon isn’t new to the ménage scene, but he knows Sean has a thing for Claire and he won’t be the third wheel again. Been there, done that, has the scars to prove it. Still, he’s not immune to Claire’s charms. He’ll play her game, but only if he’s in charge. Then he’ll know when it’s time to withdraw from the relationship. A night of blazing passion leads to more than one discovery. Sean is caught off guard by his feelings for Max, Max struggles to keep his distance from both his roommates, and Claire must make a choice—flee or stay. Trusting these two strong men with her heart and her life means endangering them and giving in to the belief she is theirs to protect.

4 stars!!
Theirs To Protect was quite the steamy read! I really enjoyed the plot! The author certainly had quite the story in mind while she wrote this! 
With that said, it was difficult for me to identify with the leading men of this story. It seemed their introductions were cut short and when it mattered I couldn’t swoon over them like I wanted to. 
While this is a ménage story, Theirs To Protect had a storyline with a point! (which is a huge plus for me) There were some typos all throughout the story but it was overseen ( by me anyways,) 
What I didn’t like… was how fast it all ended. I felt there was too much emphasis on the sex and the ending got clipped. I didn’t like how all of a sudden there was an Issue. 
Theirs To Protect was a good read with some really hot scenes! I have enjoyed reading this very much! 
Melissa Klein writes contemporary romance about everyday heroes fighting extraordinary battles. Whether facing the demands of caring for a child with special needs or the struggles of a soldier returning home, her characters take on the challenges life throws at them with perseverance, courage, and humor. She lives in Atlanta with her family.
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Claire leaned in to Max, feeling his hard chest against her. Everything about him was a little rough. Gritty even. Which was why he was so good at his job. The people on his beat could relate to a cop who’d lived the hand-to-mouth existence they were trying to eke out. He was also good at getting underneath her skin. Her fingers traced his hard abs even as she admired his best friend to her right.
Sean wasn’t any slacker in the workout department. Leaner than Max, he had the body of a swimmer with broad shoulders and tight hips. On more than one occasion she’d been nearly late to class so she could get a glimpse of his bare chest as he came in from his morning run.
“I want to veg out in front of the television,” she said. Sandwiched between you two.  They hung out eating pizza and watching movies at least once a week since she’d moved in with them. It was one of the things she’d miss most when she moved on.
“Only if Sean or I get to pick,” Max said, using the hand that had been resting on her shoulder to mess up her hair. “Isn’t that right?” He punched is buddy in the shoulder. “I declare tonight a no chick-flick movie night.”
“Whatever Claire wants,” Sean replied, scrubbing a palm over his face. “After last shift, EMT school today, and then having to dress up like an idiot for the calendar, I’m beat.” Frown lines furrowed his normally happy face. Even as he’d been coaxing her into spending Christmas with his family, she sensed his mind had been on something else.
Her two roommates couldn’t be more different. Where Sean was sweet, patient and easy to talk to, Max had this whole strong, silent thing going for him when he wasn’t ripping into someone with his wit. Her gaze darted between the two as they traded good natured barbs. She couldn’t stay in the dark place the package and letter from her hometown had put her in. Not when he was determined to make her laugh and Max was heating her body to the boiling point.
Claire drained her cola in an attempt to cool her heated body. The way he played with her hair, his fingers dipping beneath her curls to massage her neck sent tendrils of electricity straight to her core. They were everything she longed for in a guy, all rolled into two delicious packages.  She wanted them. It was a plain as that. With the necessity to leave town looming, she was out of more subtle options for letting them know how she felt.

Blueberries and Ginger?


I was feeling inspired in the kitchen today…It’s no secret I love to cook but what I really love to do is create something out of nothing! I just love opening up the fridge or pantry and seeing what I have. I don’t flip through recipes, I don’t make a market run, and I don’t ask what everyone is in the mood for. I just cook. As a nanny, I’m a firm believer in ‘ You eat what’s in front of you or nothing at all.’ I don’t cater to picky eaters and I will not make 4 different meals. It’s just not who I am.

Today, I was with a family who have three children; a 9 year old, a 6 year old and a 3 year old. As such good eaters, they have become my Guinea Pigs. (Yayy me!). Today I opened the fridge and found a gold mine! There was chicken, carrots, blueberries, ginger, and white wine! In the pantry, I scored Jasmine Rice, Minnesota Wild Rice, garlic, and an onion! I was so excited I was practically jumping (yep, that’s me. The weirdo excited to cook!). I combined all these delicious ingredients and WALLLA! I have created brilliance yet again– Blueberry Ginger Chicken with InAshleysWorld Rice. (Its called InAshleysWorld Rice because, I mixed a bunch of stuff together and made it my own. And, I will probably never make it with the same ingredients again. )

Oh. And the kids? They loved it. I have never seen them eat so fast AND ask for not only seconds, but thirds! Check out the recipe below and tell me what you think when you make it for your family at home!



  • 1 package of skinless boneless chicken breasts
  • 3 cloves of garlic minced
  • ½ an onion diced
  • ¾ teaspoon of ginger ( or 1/3 a finger of fresh ginger)
  • 2 small handful of blueberries ( ½ a container)
  • ¼ a cup of dry white wine ( any will do as long as it’s not sweet)
  • 1 cup total of rice ( 3.5 parts jasmine, and .5 parts wild rice)
  • 2 coarsely chopped carrots
  • 1 tablespoon of stick butter

Add ½ tbls of butter to small saucepan on low heat. Once butter melts, add rice mixture. After several minutes (you should hear sizzling and pooping sounds) Add 1 ½ cups of water. Toss in carrots and cover (keep the heat to low, if its boils it’s too high!) Do not stir until water has evaporated. Once water is gone rice should be done!

In a frying pan on low-med heat, melt remaining butter. In a bowl, season chicken (I used paprika, cumin, basil, and oregano) once butter is melted, add chicken. When chicken is ¾ quarter cooked, add wine and raise the heat (only slightly). When wine is reduced, crush handful of blueberries over pan. ( no worries if they don’t all pop, but squeeze them good!) After several minutes, the blueberries and wine will be almost syrupy and thick. Turn off heat and let cool. Serve with rice (maybe a side salad) and enjoy!


Title: Fame & Obsession
Author: Cora Kenborn
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Design
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Editor: Gillian Leonard of Lilypad Editing
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Struggling writer Phoebe Ryan abandons her southern roots and heads to New York, determined to leave her nightmarish past behind…

She was not expecting to meet a famous rock star, or to be coerced into ghostwriting his autobiography. But she tries to maintain focus on her dream of becoming an author, despite the attraction she feels for the sexy rocker, not to mention the baggage that comes with him.

Julian Bale’s world was shattered one drunken night, and it almost ruined him…

Weighed down by guilt, he blames himself for an accident he could’ve prevented. He will play the game, but swears his hot little ghostwriter will never get that story out of him. As much as he wants her, if he has to choose between his dream and hers, it’s no contest.

Phoebe and Julian give in to a forbidden attraction, and their public romance risks both their lives…

An obsessive fan is on the loose and now that the secret’s out, it’s made them both targets. The psychotic stalker is determined to have Julian for herself, even if she has to reveal their sordid pasts and eliminate Phoebe to do it.

He lives for fame. She lives to hide. Obsession lives to ruin them both.
An InAshleysWorld review: 
3.5 stars!
Fame and Obsession was full of suspense! If I had a penny for everything I got anxiety from in this story, I would have a dollar! I love a good nail biter! 
For being a newbie author, Cora Kenborn surprised me writing something I actually wanted to keep reading! With that said, one of my biggest reading pet peeves was displayed in this book, hence the lower rating. If a character enters the scene, I would like the see them exit. I don’t care whose point of view it is written in, I don’t like the disappearing act. I don’t like the open endedness. I need to know what happens from start to finish. 
The story line and plot were intriguing and quite twisty. The characters were mildly temperamental and but overall easy to get to know. I really enjoyed Her roommate/her best friend and his partner! ( I wish they would get a book!) I liked the many chat room conversations, and had fun guessing who the obsessed fan was!
Cora paced a good flow for the first half of the story but I felt the last 30 percent was rushed. I would have liked to read more details in the end and less in the beginning. 
Overall, I enjoyed this read and will look for book 2 and other books by this author!
Cora Kenborn writes romantic suspense novels with strong heroines, complex alphas, harrowing danger, and snappy banter. She is the author of the rock star stalker series, Lords of Lyre but refuses to be pigeon holed into one specific genre. She loves delving into the twisted mind of a dark villain as well as giggling while writing rom-com banter.
Cora lives in Eastern North Carolina and is a true Southern girl, growing up on sweet tea, front porches, and the simple life. She says “y’all,” “fixin’ to,” and should you deserve it, will “bless your heart.” She’s the proud mother three hyperactive and occasionally adorable children, and the wife of a husband who tolerates her chaotic writer’s cave.
Although reading is her passion, she can usually be found watching true crime shows and crafting inspiration for twisted new tales. Cora admits to being a horrible cook, an even worse baker, and believes she’s more dangerous with a hot glue gun than any weapon on earth. Oh, and she and autocorrect are mortal enemies.
Author Links:
Cora’s VIP Newsletter http://www.eepurl.com/b1xCtj

Buy Link:
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e0tNGI

The coiled body behind me tensed, ready to detonate. Whoever defended me could hold his own, but I could still take everybody out with one flick of the wrist. Chivalry felt warm and fuzzy but I learned a long time ago that one hundred and fifty volts felt electric and twitchy.
Turning my chin to the side, I whispered on an exhale, “It’s fine, I’ve got this.”
A low laugh against my neck curled my toes.
“You so don’t got this.” His chest rumbled as a strong hand ran skilled fingers around my hair. I tilted my chin, watching his eyes harden. “You’re up my ass, shit-for-brains. Don’t ever touch what’s mine.” He shifted his lips against my ear. “Right, baby?”
One suitor tested my patience, but two pushed my limit. I opened my mouth to tell him off when he stole the moment and pressed his lips against mine. Resisting, I murmured veiled threats as he pulled me toward him. The impromptu kiss dissolved into failed waves of aggression, and I inexplicably responded to him. Before I knew it, I’d wrapped my arms around his neck.
After a few heartbeats of kissing a complete stranger, I finally regained what dignity I had left, shoved his chest, and faced him with fire blazing in my eyes. He snickered and waved as my aggressor stalked off. Shooting him a death glare, I reached for my drink. After scanning for witnesses, I brought it to my lips and drained it.
“Thirsty?” He smirked.
“What the hell was that?”
He snatched the drink out of my hands, giving me a wink before tipping it back for the last drop. “You weren’t exactly pushing me away. Besides, I just saved your ass. Heath Vaughn was inches from having a hand up that thing you call a dress.”
“I didn’t ask for your help!” I bit back. “I don’t even know who the hell you—wait, who?”
“Somebody had to step in or you’d have spent the night in jail with that concealed, illegal shit in your purse. You’re telling me you didn’t know that was Vaughn? Maybe because we haven’t time-warped back to his 1995 five minutes of fame.” He walked past me with a smirk plastered across his face.
 Struggling to catch up with him, I grabbed his shoulder in disbelief. “That’s a joke, right?”
“Afraid not. Vaughn in the flesh, and apparently in the sauce too. Why do you care so much what he thinks?” He eyed me curiously, his jade-green eyes knocking me breathless.
Finally allowing myself a full look at him, I quickly averted my eyes before he could see my racing pulse reflected in them. Chaotic chocolate spiked hair pointed in every direction and hinted at a carefully constructed morning-after look. A small silver earring caught flashes of light in the darkness and tattoos decorated each uncovered arm.
Remembering to breathe became a chore.
“Because I’m screwed!” I shouted, frantically waving my phone. “My boss is already pissed at me, and I was supposed to meet Vaughn here for an interview, and—why am I telling you this?”
“Calm down.” He grinned, revealing a deep dimple in his left cheek. “Look, the dude’s so far tanked he won’t remember he was here, much less you were. Give me your phone.”
“I’m not giving you my phone. I don’t even know you.”
Rolling his eyes, he snatched my phone out of my hands. “Didn’t stop you from making out with me, did it?” He scanned the email I’d been checking all night. Typing furiously, his lips curved upward and he handed it back. “All fixed.”
“What did you do?” Thankfully, previous defense training taught me to never label emails with personal information. In the darkness, he’d never scroll back far enough to know my name.
“Why must you question brilliance?” he countered with a sigh. “You sent him an email concerned for his safety since he never showed for your interview. You waited but had to leave because you actually work for a living. You’d love to reschedule since you’re such a huge fan and were disappointed at the missed opportunity to hear all about his crap-ass reality show, since I assume that’s all he would’ve wanted to talk about.”
I could’ve kissed him—if I hadn’t already.
“You’re an evil genius.”
“So I’ve been told.”

Red’s Tangled Tale

Gahhhhhh! Red’s Tangled Tale is live! Suzanna Lynn did an incredible job with this modern day spin on the Little Red RidingHood. I don’t want to gloat or anything, but I was one of the first readers, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This makes the second book in  her ‘The Untold Stories’ Series!
Book 1 is called Hook’s Little Mermaid, and it tells the background story of the infamous Captian Hook and what started his feud with Peter Pan and of course how he fell in love… This link will take you right to the Amazon page so you can read the blurb yourself!
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00023]
Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Well, at least they think they do. History would have many believe Red was a naïve little girl who brought treats to her grandmother in the dark of the forest. History had it wrong.
After the curse of the wolves came to Timbergard, Red’s father was the only soul brave enough to enter Blakx Forest. However, when the wolves claimed his life, his young daughter took up his bow and began hunting the beasts to fill her need for revenge.
When Captain Hook shows up in the village in search of the rare burning ash that lies on the far borders of the cursed forest, Red agrees to help get him safely through the dangerous land. The trek through the forest becomes precarious when the group is cornered by a pack of wolves.
Red is forced to make a decision that will alter the lives of everyone, including individuals she has yet to meet.
Oh what an enjoyable story, Suzanna Lynn has a great imagination!
I loved her version of little red riding hood! it was clean, fresh, and fun! Red’s character was  fearless and  independent, she just  wanted to avenge her father’s death!
I really enjoyed all the fairytale characters who made an appearance in this story! I met Gretel, she was so cute! unfortunately, you’ll have to read for yourself to see who else was written in this story!
 My favorite part about reading is learning where the title came from. I was more than half way through this story thinking to myself.. hmm I just don’t understand! BUT then it came! That moment came and I was like ‘OHHHHHHHHH i get it now!!’  It was a wonderful moment and Suzanna did not disappoint me for a second! I had so much fun reading this story, it’s perfect for anyone who wants a fresh twist on the boring stories you tell the kids at bed time! I don’t really have anything negative to say, the dialogue and spunkyness of Red was wonderful, the pace of the story didn’t leave me bored and I was pleasantly surprised to learn Captain Hook was in a good chuck of this book! I can’t wait for a book 3, so hurry up Suzanna cause I’m waiting!!


Casey has been a favorite author of mine since the beginning of The Frenzy Series. I don’t even like reading about vampires since  I have met my true love Edward in Twilight. I didn’t need another vampire in my head, and I have passed on so many stories since then… but! I decided to break this no vampire rule for Casey. I didn’t expect to love this series, I didn’t expect to hound this author for the next book. I didn’t expect to kick Edward to the curb! The Frenzy Series put me into another reality entirely! Casey took three OVERDONE supernatural creatures and not only wrote a good story but one that I was in FRENZY for. The conclusion to this story was a very long time coming and I couldn’t be more in love with these characters! If my mother knew how much I hounded this poor woman, she would be embarrassed!
Case- I’m so honored to have been one of the first people to read Friction and Fraud. I enjoyed our many chats, and I hope there are more to come! Thank you for giving me new friends ( yes these characters are my friends) and an incredible  story to live in my head forever! Congratulations on your newest release! -Ashley

Title: Fraud
Author: Casey L Bond
Genre: NA Paranormal
Cover Model: Ashley Caruso
Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Cover Photography: Nadege Richards of Vellum and Wing Photography
Editor: Stacy Sanford
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

FRAUD is book 5, in The Frenzy Series.  For a reading enjoyment much like mine, start with book 1, FRENZY (http://amzn.to/1mtcfnF)

Every curse has a beginning.
Every curse has an end.
But no curse is fulfilled without sacrifice.
Someone has been lying to Porschia Grant—someone she loves. And the secrets withheld might spell disaster for her and the world.  Much like curses, lies can hurt. They can ruin everything.
When everything falls apart, is happily ever after even a possibility?
Hunger is deceitful.
Casey Bond. I love this author. I love every word that comes out of her head. I love this series. I LOVE TAGE.
Fraud was excellent, more than excellent, it was amazing, incredible, outstanding! Fraud is a book 5 so don’t read it unless you’ve read frenzy, frantic, frequency, and friction. You will be lost.
This series as a whole is fan-freakin-tactic and this is NOT my usual genre. I normally stay away from all things supernatural. But this author is fresh and fierce, so naturally I read anything with her name on it!

Fraud- This was a really great read for me because I loved that Delilah was spot lighted in this story! I loved the idea for her character and I loved seeing how she tormented the other characters! The story progression was just perfect. All my favorite characters came back with more of a statement and all personality in the past books have been reflected into this one.
Fraud features drama, love, friendship, enemies, evil, revenge, and loyalty. There were so many twists and turns I was pulling my hair out. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND ENDS A BOOK LIKE THAT?! Casey does. And I love her for that. Tage and the rest of the gang will stay with me forever!
Making me sad this story came to a close.. but I really really hope, some of these characters come back in up in the future!

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.

You can find more information about Casey’s books via the following links:


The Blessed Knights 

Title: The Blessed Knights
Author: Mary Ting
Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Editor: Jessica Nelson
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at MaeIDesign & Photography
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Above a small hill lay a home.
And green men peer out under the dome.
Thirteen crisscrossing arches behold,
with angels singing must be told.
Cubes like teeth thus showed,
pierce one and the door shall glow.
Part the sea like Moses,
to see the bundle of red roses.
Only then you shall see,
what is destined to be free.
Eli, Lucia’s half-demon love interest, has been stabbed with a true-cross dagger and captured by Cyrus, master of the possessor demons. The Chosen Knights must work together once again not only to save Eli, but also to decipher a clue to find the second missing page of Jacques de Molay’s journal. Meanwhile, Uncle Davin informs Crossroads’ Divine Elders of the danger ahead and learns there is much to fear. Countless children are being taken from all over the world to be turned into demons. Michael, one of the Divine Elders, has no choice but to intervene. The Chosen Knights track down Mortem, the demon who is the key to finding Cyrus, and learn they must travel deep into the pit of a Hawaiian volcano. When they astral travel to the past in search of a clue and follow Jacques de Molay to Rosselyn Chapel in medieval Scotland, what they find will rewrite history.

Mary Ting is a wonderful author and she has sucked me into yet another awesome story, and I don’t even like reading about angels! Somehow Mary has taken an overdone, and over popularized subject matter 
and turned it into something I couldn’t stop reading! I missed meals, and lost sleep over this story because I had to know what happens! Her characters are swoon worthy, intriguing and full of such personality! The action scenes were so intense I found myself holding my breath! The Blessed Knights was a great read, something every reader should give a try!
Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

Author Links:
Buy Link:
The Angel Knights: http://amzn.to/1RyYWdZ
The Chosen Knights: http://amzn.to/1TENB2Y
The Blessed Knights: http://amzn.to/2aMemRd

Everything She Ever Wanted 

Title: Everything She Ever Wanted
Author: Liz Durano
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Model: Franggy Yanez
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
I was never into fairy tales.
But discovering a real live princess in my house reminds me of the story of the three bears and some chick who breaks into their pad, eats all their food, and sleeps in their beds.
Just like the one that’s in mine right now.
At first, I thought she was dead, but the rise and fall of her chest told me that she was just passed out, probably from the half-empty bottle of Bordeaux I’d been saving for a special occasion. Two grand down the drain, courtesy of Goldi-effing-locks here, who’s not only passed out cold, but she’s also naked.
I should walk out right now and let her be…
But I can’t. Not when there’s something else next to the Bordeaux, something that shouldn’t be here. And it’s sitting on top of a note that begins with the words…
“I’m sorry I failed you…”

Though Liz studied journalism in college, she discovered that she preferred writing romantic fiction over news and ad copy. She lives in Southern California with her family where she spends her days writing, chasing after her 6-year old, and stepping over Legos.

Author Links:
Buy Links: AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/2dyH7Sk
An InAshleysWorld Review:
3.5 stars! 
Liz Durano certainly provided me with a not your average love story, once the main characters were introduced I was shocked. Their backgrounds and what they were going through in life was nothing like I read before!
That house sounded gorgeous! 
 This is a three point five star read for me because of the ending. There were way to many unanswered questions and I wished for a conclusive ending.
 Overall, I enjoyed this read. Liz Durano is a new author for me and I was pleasantly surprised. She wrote something intriguing and memorable. I will certainly look for more from this author!

“Come here,” Dax murmurs, reaching for my hand and pulling me down to the bed next to him. His gaze travels down my body, and in a moment of uncertainty, I vainly cover myself with my arms.
“Harlow, we don’t have to go through with it if you’re not comfortable.”
“But I am comfortable,” I say almost angrily, removing my hands from my breasts before Dax kisses me again. And for the next few minutes, that’s all he does—kissing me tenderly and calming the inner turmoil until it simmers down, replaced with the need to have him make love to me. Then he sits up and reaches for his jeans, pulling out a condom packet from his wallet.
The sight of a condom makes me blush even more, only because it’s been a long time since I’ve needed to use one. Jeff and I were trying to get pregnant then, not avoid it.
“You’re gonna need a few of those,” I blurt out before I can stop myself and hide my face against his chest as he lies on his side next to me. “Oh, God, I can’t believe I just said that.”
“Don’t worry, because we will need a few of them before the day is over.” Dax pushes me down on my back as he trails long, lazy kisses down my neck and breasts and my belly. Then he positions himself between my legs, parting my thighs with his hands just as I cover myself from him.
Wait! He’s not going down on me, is he?
“Dax, wait…”
He looks up, his gaze questioning. But how can he understand what I cannot say? No one has ever kissed me down there. No one.
“Tell me you don’t want me to, Harlow, and I won’t.”
“It’s just that… no one’s ever… and I mean, no one…” I can’t continue. It sounds so sad. Pathetic. It’s like some undiscovered country, and in many ways it is. Even I haven’t discovered it yet.
Dax’s brow furrows as he moves back up, so we’re level on the bed again. Great. Guess I just killed the mood. “What do you mean, no one?”
I cover my face in my hands, but Dax pulls one hand away. I open one eye and see him studying my face. “This is so embarrassing, Dax. But if you want to do it—”
“This isn’t all about me or what I want, Harlow. It’s about you and what you want. Would you want me to?”
His words surprise me. Not the question, but the other one, the one about this being about me and what I want. Sure, sex with Jeff had started out fun at first, but it almost felt like two nerds going at it, and before long, it became a duty because we wanted to have a baby so bad. And when IVF came along, it was almost non-existent. It didn’t help that he wasn’t exactly big, something I would never be caught dead mentioning to anyone, not even him. Instead, I told myself for years that it was the motion of the ocean that mattered, not the size of the ship.
“Would you want me to, Harlow?” Dax asks again.



I’ve been hearing about this fab author, who writes award winning stuff… she’s part of the Ferocious Five…She’s friends with my favorite authors, and her blurbs are f*ing gorgeous!Her name is Nichole, but she writes under N.L. Greene.

When I found out she had a new release out, I knew I need my hands on it. I didn’t care what it was she wrote, but I needed it!



From one of the award winning authors of Fractured Glass and Seven, Author N.L. Greene, comes a New Adult Thriller/Suspense Novel about death and revenge!

Jill Abberline is an only child, raised by her single Detective dad. Although he’s done his best to raise a well rounded girl, Jill’s remained quiet, shy, and studious. Now in college, a few years ahead of other kids her age, she’s working hard to get her degree and help make the world a better place. She’s had her life planned out since day one, and hasn’t allowed anything to distract her from her goals.

Nothing could’ve prepared her for when those plans were derailed and her dreams crushed.

Now Jill’s faced with horrific changes that force her to try and put the pieces of her life back together. As she does, she discovers a case her dad has secretly been working on, opening her eyes to the real world around her. One filled with deceit, lies, murder… and revenge.


         I read this book blindly, I had only heard about the author through the grape vine. I did not read the blurb, I had no idea what I was getting into. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this! N.L Greene executed this story excellently. I was unable to predict what what going to happen next and I couldn’t believe some of the twists taken! I had some nail biting experiences, and I almost dropped my kindle! I couldn’t believe what was written on these pages. I didn’t know how revengeful a 19 year old girl could be!
        My only negative critique is the ending. I’m not satisfied with it. I felt it the author took the easy way in concluding the story. After speaking with her, I learned why the ending is as it is… I still don’t like it but I know why it was like this. ( I don’t write spoilers, to know what im talking about read it for yourself!)
BUT, Jill was an amazing book none the less, filled with such raw emotion holding my attention from start to finish. I was mentally torn when it was done. I was in awe at what I was reading and was literally screaming at the characters! N.L. Greene has earned her 5 stars from me and I’m anxious to read more from her!

Dirty Player 

Hey All, so I participated in an author takeover in my friends blog, where I met the wonderful Cassie-Ann. She was incredibly sweet and her books sound so damn intriguing! Her latest release ( which I bought on the spot) is titled Dirty Neighbor about some girl who had her heart broken by her brothers best friend. Now years later, he is back in town and wants a do-over! 

Keep in mind, Dirty Neighbor, is book 1 in the Dirty Suburbs series which include full-length, stand-alone romantic comedies about the residents of small town Illinois. These books do not need to be read in order. You can learn more about Dirty Neighbor by clicking this link: goo.gl/Bjmd8W

Before you go click, check out Cassie-Ann’s newest upcoming release Dirty Player! (The cover model, is so beautiful!!)

Title: Dirty Player 
Series: The Dirty Suburbs (Book 2)
Author: Cassie-Ann L. Miller
Release date: December 23, 2016

Faith Monroe

I’ve been catfished. 

My fairytale Internet romance has quickly turned into a nightmare. Now, I’m stranded 2000 miles from home with no ID, no money and nowhere to lay my head on this hellish California night…

He was supposed to be my valiant white knight, a friend-of-a-friend sent to save me from my poor life choices. But, Maxwell Masters likes to play dirty…he wants something in return. (No, not THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter).

Maxwell Masters 

I’m the ultimate pro football bad boy. And after a string of bar brawls, a bit of bad behavior on social media and a drunken game of naked truth-or-dare on a public beach, my career is on the line. My only hope of saving my very lucrative contract is to prove to the team’s management that I’m a changed man in a committed relationship and that my player moves are now reserved exclusively for the football field. 

So, when the gorgeous friend-of-a-friend happens to stumble into my life, desperate vulnerable and in need of rescuing, I see the perfect opportunity. Faith Monroe will be my fake fiancée. Unless she’d rather hitchhike her fine ass all the way back to Reyfield, Illinois.

* Dirty Player doesn’t release until December but you can preorder now!*

US: www.amazon.com/dp/B01M17GD5W
UK: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M17GD5W
AU: www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01M17GD5W
CA: www.amazon.ca/dp/B01M17GD5W


Title: The Masterminds
Author: Olivia Wildenstein
Genre: NA Mystery
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
From prisons and reality TV to mansions and safe houses, THE MASTERMINDS revisits THE MASTERPIECERS and closes the twins’ story. It is a tale of imperfect love and imperfect people.
The only downside to Joshua Cooper’s investigation of a mob runner is not being able to discuss it with his two best friends, nineteen-year-old twins, Aster and Ivy Redd. However, when Ivy sells one of her quilts to the mob runner, and Aster hits him with her car in a motel parking lot, they become entangled in his investigation. The FBI even believes the twins could knowingly be involved with the mob. Joshua will do everything he can to disprove their suspicion and nail the true criminal.
Brook Jackson is a judge on the Masterpiecers’s art competition. That is his official job; his unofficial job is running questionable errands against easy cash. But a ripped quilt and the girl who sewed it will make Brook’s life and heart spiral out of control.
Accused of money laundering, Brook becomes the fall guy. After three weeks of imprisonment, he cuts a deal with Joshua: his freedom for the real felons and a meeting with Ivy. Although eager to clear his name, Brook wants to win Ivy’s forgiveness—and if she’s willing to give it to him—her love..
 3.5 stars! 
This story was a different for me. I’ve never read a book centered around on a reality show before and although the execution was over detailed focusing on [what I thought were] unimportant moments, I was determined to keep reading til the end! I really enjoyed the development of Ivy and Asters characters. I was trying to figure out who the crazy one was! 
The angle the author took was unique and while I had to reminding myself what I was reading, it was interesting to see the unraveling of events! 
This is a new author to me, and I won’t oppose to reading more of her work but in a different genre. While the masterpiecers, was full of pointing fingers, I would have enjoyed a much less wordy version. 
Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City, the daughter of a French father with a great sense of humor, and a Swedish mother whom she speaks to at least three times a day. She chose Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor’s in comparative literature. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for a laptop computer and a very comfortable chair. This line of work made more sense, considering her college degree.
When she’s not writing, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets (Yes. Everyone), eavesdropping on conversations to gather material for her next book, baking up a storm (that she actually eats), going to the gym (because she eats), and attempting not to be late at her children’s school (like she is 4 out of 5 mornings, on good weeks).
Wildenstein lives with her husband and three children in Geneva, Switzerland, where she’s an active member of the writing community.
Author Links:
Buy Links:
The Masterpiecers: http://amzn.to/2emk7nF
The Masterminds: http://amzn.to/2agsfEn
A girl who stitches quilts.
This is the first thing I learn about Ivy Redd. After skimming through her Masterpiecers application, I toss it aside because quilt making is not really art. I admire people who stitch stuff. My grandmother was one of them. Up until the day she died, she was part of a quilting club who met each week. They’d cut and sew squares of gaudy-patterned cotton with such fervor that it had seemed as though their lives would fall apart if they didn’t truss them up with their needles.
Dominic, the president and founder of the Masterpiecers School, picks up the application and thumbs through it.
“Don’t bother. It’s quilts,” I say, grabbing the next file.
He studies the picture stapled to the last page. “You are too rash in judging this girl. She has something. What do you think, Josephine?”
He hands it over to the vice-president of the school.
“Pas mal. But we only have one more slot. And I found the perfect candidat.”
“Really?” Dominic asks, leaning back against the silk upholstery of his wooden chair. It was carved by one of the school’s graduates, Christos Natter. One side is curved and smooth, while the other looks windblown, stretching irregularly toward Dominic’s bulky chestnut bookcase. “Who struck your fancy?”
Josephine flings a file onto the eighteenth-century French desk next to the industrial steel lamp. Dominic picks up the file, takes one look at it, and dumps it back on the table.
“Pourquoi pas?” Josephine asks.
Dominic flaps his hand in the air. “He’s a former soldier, not an artist.”
She folds one leg over the other and rests her hands on her bony white knee. “That is not a reason, Dom. He’s skilled. Look at that rope he wove while he was on tour.”
“Come on, Jo. It’s a rope,” Dom says.
“And this”—she nods toward Ivy Redd’s file—“is a quilt. Why does quilt trump rope?”
“Because!” I can tell from the way he looks away from Josephine that there’s more to his staunch refusal than the medium of the pieces.
“You both have a special person,” she says, “whom you did not pick on merit. I am certain Chase is a talented boy, Brook, and I am certain that Maria—actually, I’m not certain Maria has anything to offer besides her body, Dom—but I accepted. Now consent to my choice.”
Dominic reddens at the mention of his ex-girlfriend, a former beauty queen and ham-fisted artist whose claim-to-fame are crude renditions of overly made-up pageant contestants. What I heard was that he impregnated her and the only way to get rid of the baby was accepting her onto the show.
Josephine rises, and her tailored pearl-gray dress slips right into place over her skeletal body. “I will alert Mr. Kevin Martin that he has been selected. Oh, wait. That’s why we have Brook now, n’est-ce pas? To do all the menial jobs.”
I glare at her, although she’s right. That is why I’m here, to do the jobs no one else cares to do. “I’ll notify the contestants this afternoon.”
She gives me a crooked smile before stepping out of Dominic’s office.
“She hates me,” I tell Dom some time after she shuts the door.
“She hates everyone.”
“Except her fiancé.”
“I doubt she even likes him.”
As I straighten out the files of the applicants who didn’t make the cut, Dominic tut-tuts.
“The girl who sews quilts; keep her application aside. We’ll be needing it.”
I slip it out of the pile and put it on top. “Why?”
“Because.” He shifts his eyes toward his cell phone. Dominic is certain we are being listened to. “She’s a sound runner-up.” As he talks, he grabs a piece of paper embossed with his name and scribbles something.
I scratch the stubble on my cheek as I read it. When my jaw unhinges, Dominic picks up his message and shreds it into dozens of tiny pieces that he drops into his leather bin. They flutter down like confetti, settling in the dusky emptiness. I doubt anyone will collect them and glue them back together, but just in case, I crouch down, swipe some into my palm, and stick them inside my blazer pocket.
I have as much to lose as Dominic. No, that’s a lie. I have more to lose because it’s my name that’s being used, not his. Mine.
“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” he says, all cheery again. “I love spring. Don’t you?”
I’m tongue-tied.
“I’m heading out for lunch. I’ll see you tonight,” he says.
“Didn’t your father tell you? We’re having dinner all together at his house. To celebrate the sale. It went well, didn’t it?”
I make a jerky head movement that’s supposed to be a nod.
“Did it pay off the bills?” he asks.
“Not all of them.”
He pats my shoulder. “I’m sure they’ll get paid soon. I have an idea.” His fingers clamp down around my shoulder like a metal claw.
I’m starting not to like his ideas.
“I’ll tell you later.” He squeezes once, then lets go and walks out, whistling a tune that sounds like something from a Broadway show.
Clutching the pile of applications against me, I stop by my office, which is more of a glass cubicle than an office. I don’t even have screens or blinds. As I heave the folders onto my desk, I notice one of the secretaries fanning a leaflet in front of a young boy’s face. It throws me back in time. Four years to be exact. I was standing at his exact spot, overwhelmingly excited at the prospect of starting at the Masterpiecers. Four years ago, when everything was still so peachy. When my family was still rich. When my little brother didn’t despise me for having usurped “his life.”
The school has strict laws forbidding siblings from attending. Supposedly, it’s to discourage family feuds. Didn’t discourage Chase from hating my guts.
Movement behind the secretary catches my attention. Josephine stands next to her triangular-shaped desk, where a lone potted orchid holds court over an ultra-skinny computer screen and a pencil cup made of cerulean blue clay. It looks as though it was crafted by a kindergartener, when in fact it was fashioned by an alumni from this school.
Josephine sees me staring. There’s something unsettling about the way she gazes back, eyes sort of slanted. My shirt collar suddenly feels too tight so I pop the top button open. She smiles that glacial smile of hers, then gapes down at my jacket pocket. I stick my hand inside protectively, before reassuring myself that Josephine Raynoir does not have X-ray vision. I rub the pieces between the pads of my fingers, feeling the raised edges in the vellum where Dominic inked his command: Find out who Kevin Martin really is.
Josephine flicks a switch and her glass walls blur, and I am left with the shadow of her body moving about like the giant stick insect I won at a fair when I was twelve. I kept it in a murky aquarium, which I couldn’t be bothered to clean. Our housekeeper, Carmelina, was too frightened of the bug to touch the thing, so it became filthier and filthier until my mother got so sick of it, she seized the aquarium and dumped it on the curb for some other little boy, or some garbage collector, to find.
I eye my trashcan, but decide against putting anything inside. It’s lunchtime, and even though I’m not hungry, I walk out of Delancey Hall, a two-story building with glossy green ivy scuttling over the brick walls. It was named after Dominic’s favorite adviser, Robert Delancey. A few years back, when I was starting on college applications, The New York Times dedicated its entire art section to the man. It was titled The Monocled Star-Maker. My father read it out loud to us over breakfast.
“Art is Chase’s dream, Dad. Not mine,” I remember telling him, mostly to get him off my case.
Chase looked up from his big bowl of cornflakes, milk dribbling down his chin. He was fourteen then. It was the year his upper lip finally grew some fuzz.
“I wasn’t given a choice,” Dad said.
“Well I’d like a choice,” my seventeen-year-old self demanded.
“And you’ll get one,” Mom chimed in, clicking into the dining room for her usual breakfast of sliced papaya, raw oatmeal, and strong coffee. She dropped a kiss on my forehead, and then tried to peck Chase’s, but he ducked away from her. “Right, Henry? We always said we would let the kids choose.”
In the end, after two years spent at Duke University, I asked to transfer into the art school to my father’s delight. It was the same year Chase sent in his college applications. His top choice was the Masterpiecers, but I beat him to it, something he never forgave me for. Just like he never forgave me for consoling his ex after their awful breakup.
As I walk toward Riverside Drive, I spot a trashcan. I grab the slivers of paper from my pocket and drop them inside. I open a search window on my phone’s browser and type in Kevin Martin’s name. There are several pages of results. I add the words ‘retired sergeant.’
There is only one result.
Dominic was right…Josephine is investigating him.