Materialistic Joy

cropped-blog-photo.jpgWhat you see is a photo of my headband collection. I do not remember when or why I decided to make headbands my thing. I do not even remember which one was my first headband.. but I do know that my headbands are a visually distinguishing part of me. They provide that extra flare giving me an edge and that little bit of sparkle I am missing. InAshleysWorld a bigger bow is always better! I do not wear my headbands to make a statement, to turn heads, or to be a fashion icon. I wear them because I like them, it is as simple as that.

I get a lot of looks when I’m wearing one with an especially large bow or flower. Sometimes people stare or look for a bit to long, but I put on a big smile and wave at whoever decided to nonverbally say “you are strange.” Thank you person I do not know, for recognizing that I have something big and brightly colored on my head that the average person my age does not wear. Thank you, for so rudely pointing out that I stick out. I chose to wear something that makes me smile and I am okay with the staring and the strange looks. I am me, I am happy, and society isn’t doing to dictate what I choose to wear on my head.

They say material items can’t buy happiness, but I think that statement is only true to certain extent. I have over 50 headbands and counting! I had my boyfriend make that special display shelf for me so I could look at them all at once! Most of them came from Family Dollar others came from the children’s section of Target, The Children’s Place, and Justice. They were fairly cheap, and frankly speaking I don’t need that many… but when I look at that shelf full of brightly colored, sparkly, pieces of fabric and metal put together, I smile. I don’t have any explanations for that. I found something that gives me momentary joy, and that is all that counts.



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