Verbal Commitments.


It has become somewhat of a pet peeve of mine when people do not hold true to the commitments they have made. As a nanny, my schedule isn’t always set in stone because let’s face it, when dealing with children things come up. A lot of my work is what I like to call pee-a-boo help.
“Peek-a-boo, help!” comes on those days when mom all of a sudden needs an extra set of hands due to the husband who wants to have a spontaneous date night, or the day care not accepting an “under the weather” child. It’s that “uh oh” moment when a child has to be at point A and mom needs to be at point B. Sometimes I even get a ‘peek-boo, help!’ call when mom  just wants to grocery shop in peace without the chaos of  little fingers adding random cookies, ice cream and overall sugar to the cart.
With that said, I make a verbal commitments on a regular basis. I agree to being somewhere at the time discussed, to watch the little humans of the world. As a person who counts on ‘peek-a-boo, help!’ money, it’s frustrating when all of a sudden there is a “cancellation”. Doctor offices require a 24hour cancellation period so they can fill in the schedule gaps… but by the time I get cancelled on, I’ve already turned down another family who had a ‘peek-a-boo, help!’ moment and I’m stuck with free time (not that I don’t enjoy free time, but I need pay bills too!). Now, I understand things just come up– the husband has more work than he thought, or grandma decided to take the baby, but there comes a point where I sit back and see a trend happening and that moment, is what my pet peeve is and this post is a about!



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