Is ‘good’ Enough?

When asked, ‘how are you’ the general response is, ‘good’. I think ‘good’ is a mundane, cop out answer. I don’t understand those people who work in places where small talk is important but ‘good’ is the last thing they say after exchanging pleasantries. I thrive on communication and love those days I get to interact with strangers! Yep, that’s right. I’m constantly telling strangers about my life (can you tell?). My family often feels sorry for those grocery store cashiers, and sales clerks who say ‘hello’ to me because I will always engage in a real conversation! I’m a talker, it’s who I am!
Just the other day, I walked into a used book store and instead of looking for a book, I ended up chatting with the owner for over an hour! Penny is a wonderful person and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know her. During another one of my shopping expeditions, I found myself in deep conversation with the girl who was organizing make up. By the end of a little “makeup lesson”, Sydney and I exchanged phone numbers, with plans to hang out and we have been friends ever since! It is always one of the better days going home with a new phone number! (no, there isn’t anything weird about openly making friends!). I have met and still converse with train conductors, bus drivers, bankers, Zumba instructors, military personal, small town business owners…. the list is endless! All because I said more than ‘good’.
Don’t let me mislead you though, talking to strangers it is not always a positive experience!  I get the dud phone number every now and again, and that person who pretends I do not exist. One time, in CVS, I had this woman flat out ignore me when I was rambling about nail polish because SHE ASKED if there was something I needed help finding. I guess she was looking for a yes or no answer, and talking to a costumer was beneath her job description. I have also encountered the creepy man who takes my friendliness a little too far, and even the person who thinks it is okay to ask for money.
Conversing with strangers is a catch 22, you win some and you lose some, but hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day. The experience I get from meeting that one person, who  makes InAshleysWorld that much shinier is like no other! I say more than ‘good’,  because ‘good’ is not enough.


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