A day of trendsetting

For the last few years on October 31st or  on Halloween, I get dressed up in my chosen costume, and I go what I call ‘reverse trick or treating’. I’ve always lived in the middle of nowhere or in an apartment building getting stripped from the privileges of buying candy and having to open the door to see the tiny humans of the world dressed in a costume reflecting their interests! Reverse trick or treating involves buying hoards of candy and depositing then in a trick or treat bag and carrying it around no matter where I go handing a piece of candy to everyone I encounter! Yes, I do mean everyone! I’ve gotten on full buses, encountered long lines at the bank, and walked into grocery stores! Yes, I’m quite aware I’m  considered a weirdo but who doesn’t want free candy!  It definitely takes an extrovert to reverse trick or treat, and it helps being sociable and a leader (as opposed to a follower)! Last year, I was an identify crisis grabbing tons of ‘hello my name is’ name tags and writing down everyone else’s names except mine! Here’s a photo!!

Screenshot_2016-02-06-22-07-12-54818053The year before that I was queen of the lady bugs, And this year I’m going to be a pink explosion!

1202355736447884 go buy your candy and step out of your comfort zone!




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