Unwanted Girl- M.K. Schiller

Unwanted Girl image

This was one of the most amazing stories I’ve read! While it is a work of fiction, it painted very real picture in my head! M.K. Schiller’s words are raw and haunting, almost as if I was witnessing the character’s lives personally! The story alternates perspectives from a New Jersey native guy who is a struggling author and a woman of Indian decent going to college in New York City who wants to teach back in India. Like any story, it takes a bit for the plot and characters to develop, but once character introductions have been made, I couldn’t put the story down! Without any spoilers, it turns out this young woman wants to write a book centering around female genocide and looks to this male author for help. While the premise hints at a classic love story, Unwanted Girl is anything but classic and overdone. Filled with pain, betrayal, acceptance, abuse, religion, and the feeling of being unwanted and alone, I was brought to tears, anger, and joy! This was truly a lovely standalone novel with a bad guy ( and woman, I should say!) a little romance and of course, a plot twist! This story isn’t for the faint hearted dealing with some very real issues in today’s world including rape and arranged marriages, but if you can handle the good over coming the bad, certainly pick up a copy of Unwanted Girl by M.K. Schiller available on Amazon! The link is down below!




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