Kinetic and Static- S.K. Anthony

Wow, just wow! S.K. Anthony blew my mind with this one. I went into the series thinking ‘oh great another far fetching tale of humans with super powers’, but  I couldn’t have been more wrong! While Kinetic and Static do in fact center around the lives of super humans ( or luminaries, as they referred to in the books) it was a rather believable tale! Even the history of how the characters came to be luminary was rather realistic! S.K. Anthony captured my attention immediately, within the first few words. I was entranced by the world typed on the pages! Kinetic is written in the first person, centering around young woman with a broken heart who is getting romantic pressure from her boss and has to manage her ‘gift’ of strength while trying to stop the  bad guy. Oh, and the bad guy happens to be the man who broke her heart! (do I have your attention yet?!)
Static ( book 2)  centers around a male character introduced towards the end of Kinetic, and without giving any spoilers all I am going to say is, “read it!” It will leave your mouth hanging open at the end!
Both books contain crime fighting violence, an evil trying to take over luminary power, and love! I was able to associate with the different characters and their experiences throughout the story even though I don’t do modern day super heros

You can find Kinetic and Static in the link below!










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