Exploring With Your Eyes

I’m a bit of an avid reader…alright, alright, if I’m being honest, Im a full on nose stuck in a book at all times kind of girl! I never leave home without Clyde (my kindle) who has an average of 200 and counting books downloaded. It would appear I’m the odd person reading at the most inopportune moments, whether it being at the theatres waiting for a movie or in a restaurant or bar waiting for friends. I read in coffee shops, by lakes, on a bus, train or plane, in other people’s houses, my car… you name it! I’ve been caught with a book EVERYWHERE. I get strange looks and whispers but who cares, I don’t!  I’m a reader. It’s a huge part of who I am! I actually feel sorry for those who have never experienced flying with an angel, being teleported with a superhuman, falling in love with a prince, or escaping a near death experience from a hitman. So many wonderful things come from reading and I can’t get enough! I read post apocalyptic and dystopian novels, I’v been caught with dark erotic romance, paranormal/ fantasy romance, sweet contemporary romance, and dark fantasy. I can’t get enough of YA ( young adult ) forbidden love. I’ve read  lots f paranormal/ fantasy about witches, fairies, vampires, mermaids, super humans, werewolves and angels! I don’t have a problem with  novels including kidnapping/Stockholm Syndrome or Dissociative Identity Disorder, I actually really enjoy the darker novels! I’ve read about stalkers, rock stars, murders, mobsters, bikers,  vigilantes, and princesses! It would appear I’m into tragic love stories filled with love triangles, affairs, and broken hearts. I’ve been moved to tears, actually laughed out loud and screamed of astonishment! I’m guilty of blushing and getting embarrassed, all while reading! I’ve fall in love with  some characters and have been enraged by others. I often wish and dream about living in the realm of these author imaginations being the girl who gets swept off her feet! Reading gives me an escape from my own reality and worries without leaving the comfort of my seat. I have learned new words, found myself thinking about unimaginable situations, and discovered what makes a story! I would be heart broken and lost if people stopped writing or books stop getting produced, I can’t even imagine living in a place where certain genres are banned. Reading is how I choose to spend my time. Reading has become my life.


Go read something! 


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