In All My Wishes- Ciara Knight

In All My Wishes was a quaint little story, a hallmark movie for books if you will.  It was sweet with no huge plot twists or chapters leaving you gasping, just a good hearted small town romance book! I prefer the darker authors but this is the third time I’ve been delighted to read Ciara Knights work! It was a quick read, written in the third person, I read it in a day!  It was a touching love story putting trust in the drivers seat! The main character was a fashionista and a major theme was following your heart so it maintained my attention. In All My Wishes is book 1 to the novella Riverbend and book two, In All My Years, will release in April. There are some loose ends of this novel setting up the premise for book 2! I have not read Riverbend, but it seemed like it should have been read first. The characters  in that one are friends with the characters in this one. In All My Wishes was a wonderful story leaving my heart warm and happy for Anna and Liam. Here the link!





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