Frenzy- Casey L. Bond


Hmm.. what to say about Frenzy? Only that is was the best post apocalyptic, vampire, zombie book ever! That’s right, the world as we know is gone, there are infected humans walking around looking for food and.. blood suckers who help protect the humans? Yup, that’s right, the vampires are the ‘good’ guys. Que evil laugh muhahaha.

Frenzy is jaw dropping good! I’m in awe with Casey’s writing and character development! I went from hating one character to loving him and the reverse for another guy! This is certainly not an overdone vampire love story, it’s SO much more with psychotic moms, kind old lady’s, little brothers and of course some intense reading moments! I was skeptical of the book with in the first paragraph because of the character names (shame on me) but once it was cleared up a few pages in.. I fell in love with this story and this author!! Casey Bond’s imagination is incredible,  every word she wrote was hypnotizing leaving me wanting more! I was able to associate with the lead characters feelings and emotions, making it seem realistic ( if only vampires existed..)! Frenzy made me laugh, cry, feel embarrassment, scream, and angry. A book that can evoke such emotion from me is a must read!! Link is below, it went live today!!

Congratulations on your release, Casey!


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