Royal- Winter Renshaw

FB_IMG_1456113091697I just finished reading an ARC of Royal! This novel was amazing! I read it in a day not being able to put it down! It was a current, happily ever after kind of story with HUGE character development and plot twists, I did t even foresee! Things like pintrest, go fund me pages and even present day television shows were mentioned! I felt like these characters could have been my friends.
I was gasping and making all kinds of audible sounds based on the words written on the pages! Rebel is my second read by Winter Renshaw, and she has not disappointed me yet! Her style of writing is unique, using a lot of synonyms for common words making the story edgier than just another ‘I fell for my brothers best friend’ story. There is so much emotion written on these pages, between the plot of the story, and the dialogue between the characters I was overwhelmed with feelings. I always find it amazing when total strangers can move me to tears or anger / joy without even seeing what they look like or hearing their voice! Now, I’m not one to give spoilers but you won’t be disappointed with this one! I honored to have been given a copy of Royal, by Winter herself! Winter is sweet, caring about her readers, and responding to social media. Chatting with the author makes reading all the more enjoyable for me! Excellent job, I loved every minute of reading Royal and Demi’s story! 

Royal by Winter Renshaw goes live on February 23! Be sure to snag your copy!


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