Revived- Kasidy Blake

Title: Revived
Author: Kasidy Blake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb: From all appearances, Dr. Marley Banks has it all.
Unfortunately, Marley is missing the one thing she has longed for her whole life.
The one thing that she’s been told she will never get, the thing she has been made to believe she doesn’t deserve.
Marley is on a mission and she’s ready to step out of her comfort zone to get what she desires most. Is she willing to risk what may be right for what she knows is wrong?
From all appearances, Dr. Liam Beckett is everything wrong for Marley.
No matter how hard he tries though, he can’t stop thinking about her.
Unfortunately, Marley hates everything about him…

Kasidy Blake has been married to her high school sweetheart for 10 years. They have two amazing children who are their whole lives. 
Kasidy loves reading and has been doing that for years until the voices in her head started to yell and beg to be let out!
Her friends and family are supportive and she knows she would be nothing without them, thanking God daily that she doesn’t have to. 
Revived is her third book. The Who I Am series is available on all platforms. 

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I loved this story! it was about falling in love at a distance and the journey of finally getting together.  this was a HEA with no cliff hanger ending, just a warm fuzzy feeling with closure.
Kasidy Blake did a great job with the characters and I really enjoyed the back and forth dialogue. I was giggling like a school girl in various chapters and was ready to bonk Liam over the head a few times!
I felt Kasidy got a little too Grey’s Anatomy in some parts of  the story as it centered around doctors but I still couldn’t put it down! There were also  some transition issues in between the sentimental paragraphs and continuing with the rest story, certain parts felt rushed or rigid.
I  swooned over the many (3 ) men in this story as they each had charming characteristics in their own way. Even though, I was able to predict the outcome of the story  I  still loved every minute of it!

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