I’ve been hearing about this fab author, who writes award winning stuff… she’s part of the Ferocious Five…She’s friends with my favorite authors, and her blurbs are f*ing gorgeous!Her name is Nichole, but she writes under N.L. Greene.

When I found out she had a new release out, I knew I need my hands on it. I didn’t care what it was she wrote, but I needed it!



From one of the award winning authors of Fractured Glass and Seven, Author N.L. Greene, comes a New Adult Thriller/Suspense Novel about death and revenge!

Jill Abberline is an only child, raised by her single Detective dad. Although he’s done his best to raise a well rounded girl, Jill’s remained quiet, shy, and studious. Now in college, a few years ahead of other kids her age, she’s working hard to get her degree and help make the world a better place. She’s had her life planned out since day one, and hasn’t allowed anything to distract her from her goals.

Nothing could’ve prepared her for when those plans were derailed and her dreams crushed.

Now Jill’s faced with horrific changes that force her to try and put the pieces of her life back together. As she does, she discovers a case her dad has secretly been working on, opening her eyes to the real world around her. One filled with deceit, lies, murder… and revenge.


         I read this book blindly, I had only heard about the author through the grape vine. I did not read the blurb, I had no idea what I was getting into. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this! N.L Greene executed this story excellently. I was unable to predict what what going to happen next and I couldn’t believe some of the twists taken! I had some nail biting experiences, and I almost dropped my kindle! I couldn’t believe what was written on these pages. I didn’t know how revengeful a 19 year old girl could be!
        My only negative critique is the ending. I’m not satisfied with it. I felt it the author took the easy way in concluding the story. After speaking with her, I learned why the ending is as it is… I still don’t like it but I know why it was like this. ( I don’t write spoilers, to know what im talking about read it for yourself!)
BUT, Jill was an amazing book none the less, filled with such raw emotion holding my attention from start to finish. I was mentally torn when it was done. I was in awe at what I was reading and was literally screaming at the characters! N.L. Greene has earned her 5 stars from me and I’m anxious to read more from her!

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